The Ministry of Transport and Road Safety's official Driving Theory Test Questions Bank (DATA.GOV.IL) has been prepared for those wishing to take the computer-based theory test for the various driving licence categories in Israel.

This innovative Questions Bank is designed for reviewing and practicing the driving theory source material that has already been learnt. The information presented in the Questions Bank is based on Israel's Traffic Regulations. The Questions Bank contains 1,800 questions, divided into the four main sections found in the source material.

Select the questions by appropriate Theory Test


Questions and Answers format

  • Each question includes its theory test question number. The question itself is on a subject relevant to the source material (traffic rules and regulations, traffic signs, safety and vehicle knowledge);
  • The answers are multiple choice, with 4 optional answers to each question.
    The correct answer is highlighted.

This Driving Theory Test Questions Bank was planned meticulously after a thorough review of the subjects and features required to increase your level of expertise for the driving test.