Private and Commercial Vehicles «B», Motorcycles «A,A1,A2»

Questions Bank section: Know Your Vehicle

0997. Why is it necessary to use the handbrake for parking only?

  • The parking brake cannot be used as an emergency brake.
  • Because its handle or lever is not convenient to operate.
  • Because its life span is short and shouldn’t be wasted on regular braking.
  • Because the parking brake doesn’t work on all the wheels and it doesn’t have much power.
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0999. What are you required to do if you detect a malfunction in the braking system while driving?

  • Slow down and try to accustom yourself to the situation and complete your drive safely.
  • Slow down and rely on the ABS System.
  • Continue driving very carefully and use the parking brake.
  • Stop driving immediately and ensure that the vehicle is towed to a garage and checked there.
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1000. How should you use the gearbox while driving on a continuous descent?

  • The gearbox should be in high gear.
  • The gearbox selector should be in a low gear.
  • The gear used while driving on a continuous descent is of no importance, as long as the brakes function properly.
  • The gearbox handle should be in neutral gear.
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1001. What is the function of the ABS System?

  • To shorten the life span of the tires.
  • To facilitate softer and milder braking on a wet roadway.
  • To maintain the vehicle’s steering and maneuvering abilities during emergency braking.
  • To facilitate softer and milder braking on a dry roadway.
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1002. What is the function of the vehicle’s Electronic Stability Program (ESP) System?

  • To control the engine’s fuel consumption.
  • To prevent the wheels from locking.
  • To reduce the danger of skidding.
  • To reduce the emission of burnt gases from the engine.
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1003. How does the vehicle’s Electronic Stability Program (ESP) System function during dangerous driving conditions?

  • It checks the tires’ air pressure and activates the hand-brake in order to slow down the vehicle’s speed.
  • It controls the engine’s power only.
  • It controls the steering wheel.
  • It activates the brakes on on all weels seperately and controls the engine’s power.
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1004. What system helps to stabilize the vehicle when it is skidding or in danger of rolling over?

  • The Electronic Stability Program (ESP) System
  • The engine’s fuel consumption control system.
  • The signaling system.
  • The speed control system.
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1005. Why is it important for the vehicle to have intact bumpers (fenders)?

  • To give the vehicle an aesthetic look.
  • To reduce damage during accidents.
  • To avoid relatively minor accidents.
  • To prevent damage during serious accidents.
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1008. Why is it prohibited to install stiff and protruding accessories inside the passenger compartment?

  • Because these accessories might injure the passengers and the driver during an accident.
  • To prevent any chance of damaging the vehicle’s tires.
  • To avoid undermining the passengers’ field of vision while driving backwards.
  • Because they disturb the vehicle’s reception of radio transmissions,
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1009. What is the relation between the vehicle’s air bags and safety belts during an accident?

  • If seat belts are not buckled, the passengers will be severely struck by the air bags.
  • There is no relation between the air bags and the seat belts.
  • The air bag only operates when the seat belt is not.
  • It is not obligatory to wear seat belts when air bags are installed in the vehicle.
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