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Questions Bank section: Know Your Vehicle

1010. When air bags are installed in a vehicle:

  • It is unnecessary to install seat belts in that vehicle.
  • The seat belts must be fastened at all times when the vehicle is in motion.
  • If the airbag system malfunctions, seat belts should not be worn.
  • The seat belts should only be worn when the air big system malfunctions.
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1011. What is the SRS (Supplemental Restraint System) airbag system?

  • It is a system of external airbags that inflate after collision.
  • It is an airbag system that balances the vehicle during dangerous turns.
  • It is a system that cools the brakes during emergency braking.
  • It is a system designed to reduce passenger impact, through the inflation of airbags during collision.
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1012. What factor might undermine seat belt functioning and efficiency whilst driving?

  • Exaggerated backward tilting of the seat’.
  • Driving on a rough road.
  • Driving while wearing few layers of clothes which are too hot.
  • Driver tiredness and sleepiness.
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1013. What is the significance of the head rests on the vehicle’s seats during an accident from behind?

  • They can prevent neck and back pains during long drives.
  • They reduce forward and backward head jolting (whiplash).
  • They can reduce and prevent passenger knee injuries during frontal collision.
  • They can reduce and prevent passenger leg injuries during vehicle roll-over.
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1014. What part of the vehicle reduces whiplash during collision?

  • The safety belts.
  • The rear bumper.
  • The head rests of the vehicle’s seats.
  • The air bags.
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1015. What are the side effects of using malfunctioning windshield wipers?

  • Damaging the vehicle’s engine.
  • Causing noises in the sound system within the driver’s compartment.
  • Impaired windshield visibility, as well as windshield damage.
  • Damaging the windshield’s sealing.
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1016. Does the vehicle’s engine have an effect on safe driving?

  • No, the engine has no effect on safe driving.
  • Yes, but the engine’s affect on safety is reflected only when a vehicle starts driving and accelerates.
  • Yes, especially for escaping emergency situations.
  • No, the engine’s effect is only reflected while driving in reverse.
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1017. By driving correctly and moderately, and maintaining proper tire air pressure:

  • The tires’ life span is prolonged.
  • The engine’s fuel consumption is increased.
  • The vehicle can drive faster.
  • The engine’s oil consumption is increased.
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  • After driving, when the tires are hot.
  • Only before the vehicle’s annual test.
  • The manner of checking air pressure is of no significance.
  • Before driving, when the tires are cold.
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1019. What are you required to check when one of the vehicle’s lamps is not working?

  • The bulb and the fuse connected to it.
  • The intactness of the lamp’s lens.
  • The functionality of the lights handle.
  • The battery’s voltage.
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