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Questions Bank section: Know Your Vehicle

1023. What is the implication of driving a vehicle with a broken headlamp lens?

  • The light beam is not properly focused and other drivers are blinded by it.
  • Over-cooling of the lamp bulb.
  • Accelerated emptying of the battery.
  • Self-blinding of the driver.
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1027. What is the consequence of tyre pressure that is too high?

  • Uneven tire wear and shortened of tyre life.
  • It is harder to turn the steering wheel.
  • Rapid wear and tear of the steering wheel.
  • Longer tire life span and reduced fuel consumption.
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1031. The correct vehicle tire size is:

  • The size that was determined by the vehicle’s manufacturer.
  • The size recommended by the tire professional in the garage (the tire repairman).
  • The size that was determined by the tire manufacturer.
  • The size that appears to be most suitable for the vehicle.
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1034. What is the proper way of checking engine oil level?

  • By using the engine’s dipstick, when the engine is cold and turned off.
  • There is no need to check the engine’s oil, but only to change it in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements.
  • It can only be checked in a licensed garage.
  • Only before the vehicle’s annual test.
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1035. Is it permitted to change the size of tires on a vehicle?

  • Only if it is approved in advance by the Licensing Authority in the Ministry of Transportation.
  • Yes, to any size the driver wants, provided that all the vehicle’s wheels are replaced with new ones.
  • Yes, if the change is approved by the insurance company.
  • Absolutely not.
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1042. How can we reduce air pollution caused by the vehicle’s gas emissions?

  • By washing the vehicle’s fuel tank once a month.
  • By keeping the engine and its surroundings clean.
  • It is impossible to reduce air pollution. It is a constant factor in the vehicle.
  • By regular maintenance of the vehicle’s engine and other systems.
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1046. When is it required to check the vehicle’s air polluting emissions?

  • Vehicles cause no pollution; hence there is no need to perform a check.
  • Once a month, in every garage specializing in car electronics only.
  • Once every half a year, at the treating garage.
  • In the vehicle’s annual test at a licensing facility.
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1052. What is the function of the vehicle’s dashboard( Control panel)

  • To control and receive information from the vehicle’s different systems.
  • The dashboard regulates the engine systems, and prevents tire wear.
  • To serve as an additional security measure during frontal collisions.
  • To control the sound system in the driver’s compartment only.
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1055. What should a driver do when he detects a safety failure in the steering wheel or brakes while driving?

  • Continue driving carefully until the nearest garage.
  • He should stop driving only if the failure is in the ignition or fuel system.
  • Stop driving immediately.
  • Identify the source of the problem and try to overcome it.
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1056. Who is permitted to repair vehicle safety part failures?

  • Every driver having know-how and experience in the field of vehicle mechanics.
  • Every professional in any vehicle repair garage.
  • Every driver, as long as he follows the manufacturer’s manual.
  • A qualified mechanic at a licensed garage only.
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