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Questions Bank section: Know Your Vehicle

1058. What is considered as a proper vehicle maintenance frequency?

  • As required, and according to the pace in which malfunctions are detected in the vehicle.
  • At the discretion of the vehicle’s owner only.
  • The maintenance frequency recommended by the vehicle’s manufacturer.
  • As recommended by the insurance company.
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1059. What will be the result of moderate driving, without performing heavy engine accelerations?

  • Savings in the vehicle’s electricity consumption.
  • Engine fuel consumption savings.
  • Driving becomes longer than necessary.
  • Engine oil consumption savings.
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1062. Which vehicle component (part) engages or disengages the rotational movement from the engine to the gear box?

  • The battery.
  • The wheels.
  • The fan.
  • The clutch.
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1064. What is the risk of using the GPS navigation system while driving?

  • There is no risk in using the GPS navigation system while driving. It is only beneficial.
  • Disruption of the engine management systems.
  • Driver distraction.
  • Fast draining of the vehicle’s battery.
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1065. What is a vehicle GPS navigation system?

  • A system providing information about vehicle location and assisting the driver to reach his destination.
  • An efficiency enhancement sub-system within the steering system.
  • A system checking the proper function of the vehicle’s computerized systems.
  • A system measuring the vehicle’s fuel consumption.
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1066. Where would you place the jack stand while changing a wheel?

  • The place is insignificant.
  • In the place that was marked by the manufacturer, or in another strong and safe place, close to the wheel you want to replace.
  • As close as possible to the vehicle’s rear.
  • At the most convenient place for the driver.
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1067. The auxiliary (parking/hand) brake may also be used:

  • To reduce wear and tear of the braking system.
  • As an emergency brake .
  • To prevent the vehicle from moving only.
  • To assist drivers while driving in reverse.
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1068. When we want to verify that the vehicle’s tire air pressure is correct:

  • We should take the vehicle to a licensed garage, which is the only place allowed to check tire air pressure.
  • We check the air pressure with a tire pressure gauge.
  • It is enough to just look at the tires.
  • We should take the vehicle to a licensed tire repairman, which is the only one allowed to check tire air pressure.
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1069. Which of the following warning indicators does not require the driver to stop driving when it lights-up?

  • Engine temperature.
  • The fuel level indicator.
  • Brakes failure.
  • Engine oil pressure.
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1077. What safety measures should be taken before lifting the vehicle with a jack stand?

  • You should prevent vehicle movement (by putting on the hand brake and placing blocks under the wheels) and loosen wheel retaining/screw nuts.
  • You should verify that the vehicle stands on a straight and horizontal surface.
  • You should shift the gear handle to neutral and release the parking brake.
  • You should first lift the vehicle from another corner, to verify that the jack stand is functioning properly.
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