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Questions Bank section: Rules and Regulations

0037. Which of the following is an emergency vehicle?

  • A Red Magen David Ambulance, an Israel Police vehicle, IDF vehicle, Fire-fighting vehicle, integrated policing vehicle or any other vehicle approved by the Authority, when it sounds its emergency signals and operates flashing lights and sounds an alarm signal.
  • Any ambulance, IDF vehicle, fire-fighting vehicle or other commercial vehicle that was authorized to function as an emergency vehicle by the Licensing Authority
  • Every vehicle of the Israel Police or the IDF and vehicles that are used for regular security missions in borderline settlements
  • A vehicle of the Israel Police or the IDF and a fire-fighting vehicle only
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0041. When a vehicle is disqualified from use on the road:

  • It is forbidden to be on the road without authorization from the licensing authority.
  • It is forbidden to get back on the road without authorization of the insurance company
  • It is allowed to stay on the road for a period of up to seven days after being taken off the road.
  • It is allowed to stay on the road unlimitedly, as long as it doesn’t pose any traffic safety risk
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0042. Define “path”:

  • Part of the width of the road designated for pedestrians only.
  • A part of the road, designed for motorcycle traffic only.
  • Lane or part of a lane that is not a road and designated for specific users.
  • A part of the road, which was marked by the “Israel’s Paths” Company.
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0044. After parking your car besides the pavement, on the right side of an urban road:

  • You should verify that the passenger sitting in the left back seat gets out very carefully from the car to the road.
  • You should verify that the maximal distance between the car and the pavement is one meter.
  • Before getting out of the car, you should verify that this will not disturb any road user.
  • If the street is not lit, you should turn on the parking lights.
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0045. Define “built dividing area”:

  • A separation area which divides the road lengthwise by means of an elevated structure above the road way
  • The area along a roadway, in which road users can stop, park their vehicles or stand in for refreshment
  • Any area that is marked on the road on which it is forbidden to drive
  • Any part of the road (pavement, hard shoulder, traffic island) which is elevated above the road way.
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0047. What is a “booster seat”?

  • A seat that is designed for transporting small children, restrained by the safety belt of the vehicle.
  • A standard seat that is designed for transporting children until 18 years of age
  • A seat that is designed for a driver whose height is less than 160 cm and whose age is more than 18 years
  • A seat that is designed for transporting children on bicycles only while the children are restrained by a safety belt.
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0048. Define “motor vehicle”:

  • A vehicle propelled by a diesel engine only
  • A vehicle propelled by a gasoline engine only.
  • A vehicle, propelled by any power or mechanical means.
  • A vehicle with at least two wheels.
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0049. Which documents should a driver be in possession of whilst driving?

  • Valid driving license, vehicle registration, compulsory insurance certificate and any other lawfully issued certificate
  • Driving license and vehicle registration only
  • Identity card, driving license, comprehensive insurance certificate and a certification of a towing arrangement for the vehicle
  • Identity card, driving license and a certificate testifying about the vehicle’s proper functioning signed by a manager of a garage
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0050. When may a driver be in possession of only photocopies of his original vehicle documents?

  • Only a vehicle transport company is allowed to hold a photocopy of the vehicle registration
  • It is only permitted when the vehicle is owned by a corporation, and the photocopied documents’ validity is authorized by the safety officer’s signature and stamp on them.
  • When the vehicle is owned by a private person, and the photocopy is certified by the vehicle owner’s signature
  • Never. The driver must always be in possession of the original documents
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0051. Is a driver obliged to show a policeman the vehicle’s original documents?

  • Yes, at a time and place to be determined by the policeman
  • No, a certified photocopy is sufficient
  • No, a photocopy signed by the vehicle’s owner is sufficient
  • Yes, at the time determined by the vehicle’s driver
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