Public Service Vehicles «D,D1,D2,D3»

Questions Bank section: Rules and Regulations

0045. Define “built dividing area”:

  • A separation area which divides the road lengthwise by means of an elevated structure above the road way
  • The area along a roadway, in which road users can stop, park their vehicles or stand in for refreshment
  • Any area that is marked on the road on which it is forbidden to drive
  • Any part of the road (pavement, hard shoulder, traffic island) which is elevated above the road way.
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0048. Define “motor vehicle”:

  • A vehicle propelled by a diesel engine only
  • A vehicle propelled by a gasoline engine only.
  • A vehicle, propelled by any power or mechanical means.
  • A vehicle with at least two wheels.
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0049. Which documents should a driver be in possession of whilst driving?

  • Valid driving license, vehicle registration, compulsory insurance certificate and any other lawfully issued certificate
  • Driving license and vehicle registration only
  • Identity card, driving license, comprehensive insurance certificate and a certification of a towing arrangement for the vehicle
  • Identity card, driving license and a certificate testifying about the vehicle’s proper functioning signed by a manager of a garage
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0050. When may a driver be in possession of only photocopies of his original vehicle documents?

  • Only a vehicle transport company is allowed to hold a photocopy of the vehicle registration
  • It is only permitted when the vehicle is owned by a corporation, and the photocopied documents’ validity is authorized by the safety officer’s signature and stamp on them.
  • When the vehicle is owned by a private person, and the photocopy is certified by the vehicle owner’s signature
  • Never. The driver must always be in possession of the original documents
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0051. Is a driver obliged to show a policeman the vehicle’s original documents?

  • Yes, at a time and place to be determined by the policeman
  • No, a certified photocopy is sufficient
  • No, a photocopy signed by the vehicle’s owner is sufficient
  • Yes, at the time determined by the vehicle’s driver
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0052. The lawful “point system for traffic offenses” is:

  • A system for issuing demerit points to drivers who are convicted of committing traffic offences once every five years.
  • A system for issuing demerit points to drivers who were convicted of committing offences against the traffic regulations.
  • A system through which courts are notified about vehicle improper functioning.
  • A system for registering convictions in criminal offences.
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0053. In what condition should the driver and vehicle’s document be kept?

  • The law doesn’t provide any explicit reference to this issue
  • It is enough if they are stainless and have a clear photo.
  • They should be kept at home, clean and readable at all times.
  • They should always be kept inside the car, clean and readable
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0056. Is it permitted to make changes in the vehicle or driver’s documentation?

  • It is permitted only to highlight writings that were erased or made unclear over time
  • It is permitted only to add or change an address, in the main post office branch
  • It is permitted only to add the zip code of a residence address, in the main post office branch
  • No. Only the Licensing Authority is allowed to change details in these documents.
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0057. Which changes in health condition must be reported to the Licensing Authority?

  • The driver doesn’t have to report anything to the Licensing Authority, but only to the Ministry of Health
  • Any detection of the following conditions: heart disease or any limitation of the nervous system, bones, eye-sight and hearing
  • The driver doesn’t have to report anything to the Licensing Authority. The report shall be made by the treating physician of the driver
  • A driver doesn’t have to report about changes in his health, except in case of a neurological problem
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0058. Should every road user obey the traffic signs?

  • Yes, while on the sidewalk only.
  • Yes, every road user should obey the road signs.
  • No, only vehicle drivers should obey the traffic signs
  • Yes, while on the road way only.
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