Public Service Vehicles «D,D1,D2,D3»

Questions Bank section: Rules and Regulations

0069. When an intersection is posted with both traffic signs and traffic lights, the instructions of which has the priority over the other?

  • Traffic signs always have priority (a traffic light might malfunction)
  • A stop sign has priority over a non-flickering traffic light
  • A “right-of-way giving” sign has priority over a non-flickering traffic light
  • Traffic light signals (except for a flashing yellow light) have priority over a right-of-way sign
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0070. Can an owner of a valid driver’s license for a particular group of vehicle drive any vehicle of the same group?

  • Yes, provided that the driver can operate and use it proficiently
  • Yes, holder of a valid driver’s license can drive any vehicle, unconditionally
  • Yes, provided that he holds a police certificate, testifying that he can operate the vehicle proficiently
  • Yes, provided that he had not been found guilty of any traffic offence
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0071. When is it forbidden for a person to drive any type of vehicle?

  • When he did not rest at least 8 hours before driving
  • When his physical or mental state might endanger other road-users
  • Before taking a medication and during the following 24 consecutive hours
  • As long as the driver holds a valid driver’s license, there is no law that prohibits him from driving
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0072. Can a person drive a vehicle immediately after taking medications which have effect on his fitness to drive?

  • No, unless 4 hours pass from the time he takes the medication
  • Yes, if these medications do not affect his level of driving
  • No.
  • Yes, when the medication has a lasting harmful effect
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0073. Is it permitted to drive an un-roadworthy vehicle?

  • Yes, if the malfunction doesn’t involve the vehicle’s brake system
  • It is forbidden to drive an un-roadworthy vehicle that cannot be fully controlled
  • Yes, if the malfunction involves the vehicle’s lighting system only
  • Yes, if the malfunction involves the vehicle’s steering system only
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0074. Is it permitted to drive a vehicle when its front field of vision is restricted?

  • Yes, but during the day time.
  • No, unless the restriction is only negligible.
  • Yes, provided that the field of vision is restricted from the front side only.
  • It is forbidden during rainy weather and permitted at any other time.
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0075. Is it permitted to take one hand off the wheel or handlebar while driving?

  • Yes, only for tuning the vehicle’s radio or operating the lighter
  • No, except for changing gears and operating the direction indicator, or in order to assure the vehicle's proper function.
  • Not for any reason
  • Yes, for using a cellular phone
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0076. How can a cellular phone be operated whilst driving?

  • Only by means of a “hands free device” that is installed in the vehicle and can be used without being held.
  • When the driver holds the phone with the right hand
  • Only by using earphones that are connected to both ears
  • It is absolutely forbidden to use a phone while driving
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0077. When is a driver obliged to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses?

  • When his driver’s license states that he must wear them while driving.
  • Only when he is driving during lighting up time, and provided that this requirement is stated on his driver’s license
  • Only when he is driving during night time, provided that this requirement is stated on his driver’s license
  • While driving in limited visibility and when he is dazzeled.
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0078. How should one drive while inside a “play street”?

  • The driver should avoid entering a play street while children are playing
  • Always in low gear and never driving in reverse.
  • The driver should honk and alert pedestrians that a vehicle has entered the street
  • The driver should allow pedestrians and children to carry on with their activities without endangering them
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