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Questions Bank section: Safety

0869. Being familiar with the different systems in the driver’s compartment whilst driving:

  • Only contributes in a theoretical level, and has no other advantage.
  • Allows the driver to operate them automatically, without thinking.
  • Allows the driver to fully concentrate on the traffic and the road.
  • Allows the driver to blindly operate the vehicle systems.
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0870. Proper adjustment of the driver’s seat:

  • Proper adjustment of the driver’s seat prevents the occurrence of “blind spots” while driving in reverse.
  • Is performed by the vehicle’s manufacturer during its manufacturing process, and additional adjustment of the seat is not needed.
  • Allows you to comfortably see the road and to have an easy and non-tiring drive.
  • Is an important action that should be applied during every periodic treatment of the vehicle.
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0871. What measure is it important to take before stepping on the brake pedal in order to slow down or to stop?

  • Ease off the accelerator and shift to lower gear.
  • Check if there is a vehicle behind by glancing at the mirrors.
  • Step on the clutch pedal, to reduce the engine’s fuel consumption.
  • Signal and turn the wheel to the “hard shoulder”, to avoid rear-end collision.
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0872. How can a correct grip of the steering wheel help to control the vehicle and to keep it stable?

  • The way you grip the wheel is only important in sharp turns and curves, when the vehicle moves in high speed.
  • Correct wheel grip is only important in big and heavy vehicles such as trucks and buses.
  • In a new-model vehicle, the way we hold the steering wheel is important while driving in sharp curves.
  • A correct grip of the steering wheel allows precise turning of the wheel, thus allowing control at all times.
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0873. In a vehicle with a manual (regular) gearbox, it is important to adjust the gears:

  • In old vehicles only.
  • In order to protect the tires.
  • In long descents.
  • In order to determine the driving speed.without strain on the engine.
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0874. What is the correct order of actions while reducing the vehicle’s speed?

  • Slowing down by stepping on the clutch pedal and shifting to higher gear.
  • Slowing down and shifting to lower gear.
  • The order of actions is of no importance during vehicle deceleration.
  • Shifting to lower gear and stepping on the clutch pedal.
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0875. What limitations does a driver experience while driving in reverse?

  • Limited field of vision and uncomfortable vehicle operation.
  • An experienced driver has no limitations while driving in reverse.
  • It is hard to control the braking system while driving fast and needing to operate many systems.
  • Driving in reverse takes more time.
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0876. At what speed are we required to drive in reverse?

  • Heavy vehicles – slow; light vehicles – fast.
  • During the day – fast; during the night – slow.
  • When driving downhill – slow, and when driving uphill – fast.
  • Always slow.
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0877. What are you always obliged to do while driving in reverse?

  • Drive in low gear, according to the road’s conditions, in a steep descent only.
  • Operate an external reverse-drive buzzer in all types of vehicles, including private cars.
  • Place a person to guide the driver, in a spot where the driver can see him.
  • Take care as well as appropriate measures to prevent danger, impact, nuisance or disturbance.
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0878. The silver vehicle (1) exits from parking while driving in reverse. What would be your reaction?

  • Honk. Blink your headlights and continue driving.
  • Swerve to the opposite lane and continue driving normally.
  • Slow down and prepare to stop (2).
  • Block the silver vehicle’s driving lane and allow the red vehicle to get out.

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