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Questions Bank section: Safety

0985. What is the correct sentence according to the following picture?

  • The road tanker driver doesn’t keep to the right of the roadway, even though he can not see the vehicles coming from the opposite direction.
  • The road tanker driver is driving far from the “soft shoulders” and in this way avoids risks.
  • The marking on the roadway is not clear enough.
  • The road tanker driver is driving correctly in the middle of the road, so that he can see better the vehicles coming from the opposite direction.

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1060. What is a driver required to do after driving through a puddle and dampening the brakes?

  • He shouldn’t do anything. There is no connection between water and the braking system.
  • Drive fast to dry the brakes.
  • Tow the vehicle to the nearest garage.
  • Drive very slowly until the brakes dry out and resume normal functioning.
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1061. Why should we avoid running the vehicle’s engine in a closed placed?

  • Because the emitted burnt gases (exhaust)are toxic.
  • To avoid engine over-heating due to poor ventilation.
  • There is no need to avoid it, because it is not important whether or not the engine is running in a closed or open place.
  • Because the engine cannot be operated in a closed place.
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1063. When is it required to operate the parking (hand) brake whilst parking?

  • Only when the vehicle is parked on a steep descent.
  • Always.
  • Only when the vehicle is parked uphill.
  • Only on a wet road.
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1071. Why is a driver required to adjust his sitting position before starting to drive?

  • To prevent unnecessary leg pains that are a result of prolonged sitting in the driver’s seat.
  • To have good control of the vehicle’s operation, instruments and field of vision.
  • Only pregnant women are required to adjust their sitting position.
  • To have easier access to the radio or cellular phone.
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1072. What vehicle features should be adjusted in order to ensure a comfortable and safe sitting position?

  • The side mirrors and the radio stations.
  • The seat’s position, the angle of the back rest, and the steering wheel position.
  • The head rests and the position of the pedals.
  • The seat’s position and the air flow direction from the vents.
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1074. When there is fog, a part from fog lights.

  • preferble to drive slowly according to field of vision.
  • drive whith high beam.
  • obligatory to drive whith emergency lights.
  • drive fast whith main bean.
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1075. How do dirty mirrors affect vehicle safety?

  • Dirt might damage the safety systems.
  • A clean vehicle helps to improve the driver’s concentration and general feeling.
  • A dirty vehicle endangers and pollutes its close environment.
  • They impair the driver’s vision.
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1082. Which of the following accessories reduces passenger impact severity during an accident?

  • Seat belts, airbags and head rests.
  • Head rests and the brake and clutch pedals.
  • Rear windshield wipers and head rests.
  • Fog lights and orthopedic seats.
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1083. On which axle do the tractor’s service brakes act?

  • The rear axle.
  • There are no service brakes in a tractor.
  • The front axle.
  • On all axles.
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