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Questions Bank section: Safety

1529. How would you drive on a wet road?

  • Accelerate until the end of the wet section – in order to enhance safety.
  • Step on the clutch pedal intermittently.
  • Slow down and drive at a reasonable speed, according to the road conditions.
  • The same as on a dry road. There is no difference.
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1531. When you are driving behind another vehicle:

  • While driving uphill – keep a small distance; while driving downhill – keep double distance.
  • Keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you, to prevent an accident.
  • Keep a smaller distance from the vehicle in front of you.
  • Keep a larger distance from the vehicle in front of you only when a “general danger” road sign is placed.
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1532. How is the required distance for overtaking determined?

  • It only depends on the driving speed of the overtaken vehicle and not of the overtaking one.
  • It depends on the driving speeds of the overtaking and the overtaken vehicles
  • It only depends on the driving speed of the overtaking vehicle and not of the overtaken one.
  • It corresponds to the speed limit in that road section.
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1542. Driving at dark with the high beam turned on might:

  • Waste electricity.
  • Blind (dazzle) other drivers.
  • Spoil the battery.
  • Impair the driver’s vision.
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1554. When spending time in a club (pub):

  • It should be planned to wait one hour after leaving the pub, and then there should be no danger to drive.
  • It should be agreed that the person drinking the least amount of alcohol would drive after leaving the pub.
  • A designated driver, who abstains from drinking alcohol, should be determined in advance.
  • It should be agreed that the most experienced driver would drive after leaving the pub.
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1555. In order to avoid hitting a vehicle that makes a sudden stop in front of you:

  • Keep your foot on the brake pedal so that you can also stop if needed.
  • Try to overtake it so it will be behind you.
  • Always keep sufficient distance from the vehicle in front .
  • Stop immediately upon noticing the brake lights of the vehicle in front, regardless of your distance from him.
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1563. When a driver is blinded by the sun, he should:

  • Drive faster until reaching a shaded place.
  • Slow down and adjust the driving speed to his current range of sight.
  • Look as low as possible to the roadway.
  • Overtake the vehicle in front because it is better to drive on an open roadway.
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1564. What are you required to do when during a night drive you are confronted with a vehicle that doesn’t dip its lights and blinds you?

  • Slow down and keep as much as possible to the right.
  • Turn on the high beam to overcome the blinding effect of the other vehicle.
  • Drive faster to shorten the duration of being blinded.
  • Keep driving with a low beam at your current course and speed
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1598. When visibility conditions are impaired:

  • Stay close to the vehicle in front, to be assisted by its lights.
  • Keep to the right of the road and drive faster until visibility conditions improve.
  • Drive slower and maintain a wider gap from the vehicle in front.
  • Maintain normal speed, but remain constantly alert in case an emergency brake is required.
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1608. How will a dirty front lamp influence night driving?

  • It will affect the field of vision.
  • The field of vision will grow.
  • It will cause a dazzeling (blinding).
  • Dirt will have no affect on the rider ability to recognize problems.
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