Trucks (lorry) «C1»

Questions Bank section: Safety

0692. You step on the brake pedal and feel that the service brake (foot brake) is not working. What will you do?

  • Try to brake using the hand break.
  • Turn the stirring wheel quickly to the right to break by changing the direction of the wheels.
  • Use the horn and turn-on the lights to warn the driver in front of me.
  • Try to break by stepping on the clutch pedal.
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0730. What are the advantages in looking far ahead?

  • It allows the driver to engage in other activities while driving straight.
  • It allows you to plan your drive according to the road’s condition and to avoid being surprised by other road users.
  • There are no advantages in looking far ahead. The important thing is what’s happening close to the vehicle.
  • It has no advantages. Only looking to the sides assists the driver.

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0731. How can we avoid danger when we start driving and when we merge with traffic?

  • Danger can be prevented by turning on all the distress signals and warn other drivers while merging with traffic.
  • Danger can be prevented by driving diagonally and at a higher speed while merging with traffic.
  • By quickly entering the lane in which traffic is flowing.
  • By giving an appropriate signal with the winker, looking in all directions and waiting until no one is obstructed.before driving.
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0732. What is the first thing you need to do after entering the vehicle and before starting to drive?

  • Make sure the hand-brake is applied and adjust the driver’s seat.
  • Start the engine and adjust the seat for safe driving.
  • Adjust the seat besides the driver to allow the passenger coming-in from the right an easy entrance.
  • Make sure you have an extra set of keys (reserve set) for the vehicle.
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0733. What is the order of actions the driver needs to take before slowing down?

  • Step firmly on the brake pedal, to inform the driver behind you began to slow down.
  • Give a hand signal to the driver behind, glance at the mirror to see his response and slow down.
  • Turn your head backwards, step on the brake pedal to slow down and finally take a quick look at the mirrors.
  • Glance at the mirrors, ease off the accelerator pedal and use the brakes or gears.
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0735. Which factors affect the driver’s decision to shift to higher or lower gear?

  • The speed limit in that road section.
  • The vehicle’s speed, considering traffic condition, road condition and visibility.
  • When driving uphill, there is no consideration whether to shift to higher or lower gear.
  • The only affecting factor is the cumulative driving distance.
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0737. How do you secure a parked automatic-transmission vehicle (except for a vehicle with a robotic gearbox)?

  • Shift into reverse gear (R) and secure the parking brake.
  • Shift into parking gear (P) and secure the parking brake.
  • Shift into neutral gear (N) and secure the parking brake.
  • Shift into first gear (1) and secure the parking brake.
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0738. Before starting to drive, what action needs to be taken by the driver before moving the automatic transmission selector?

  • Release the clutch pedal, to connect between the engine and the gear box.
  • Step on the accelerator, to start driving immediately.
  • Release the parking brake, to release the gearbox lock.
  • Apply the foot-brake, to prevent the vehicle from moving.
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0739. In order to start driving, what is the action the driver has to take before releasing the hand-brake in a vehicle with automatic transmission?

  • Apply the foot brake pedal, to prevent the vehicle from moving.
  • Shifting the gear handle from parking (P) to neutral (N).
  • Pushing the gearbox’s lock button while in parking (P).
  • Shifting the gear handle to neutral (N).
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0740. How would you conduct yourself in a vehicle with automatic transmission, when driving down a continuous steep road?

  • Apply the brake pedal intermittently to slow the vehicle down and shift into a lower gear, depending on the slope.
  • Shift into high gear according to the slope and step continuously on the brake pedal to slow down.
  • On a steep and continuous downhill road, use the brake system only, without shifting into an adjusted gear.
  • On a steep and continuous downhill road, shift into an appropriate gear and continue driving.
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