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Questions Bank section: Safety

0766. What is the order of actions to be taken in order to stop or park?

  • Check if it is permitted; make a peripheral check and slow down carefully.
  • The order of actions before parking is of no significance.
  • Slow down, deviate, stop and signal.
  • The order of actions doesn’t matter. The important thing is to do it carefully.
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0769. What is the main problem a driver faces when he approaches an intersection?

  • Many tasks he needs to perform simultaneously, in a short period of time.
  • The speed limit changes in an intersection.
  • Part of the intersection is always designated for public transportation.
  • The driver’s main problem is how to cross the intersection quickly.

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0770. How can a driver handle the many tasks he needs to perform when approaching an intersection?

  • Warn other road users that he is approaching the intersection (by honking and signaling).
  • Ignore other road users; especially those smaller than him.
  • Drive faster in order to cross the intersection more quickly.
  • Slow down before the intersection, look around, and avoid engaging in any activity other than driving.

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0771. How does a multitude of traffic signs before an intersection affect the driver’s response?

  • The driver is forced to slow down in order to identify the signs and obey their demands.
  • A multitude of traffic signs always confuses the driver.
  • A multitude of traffic signs will cause the driver to think faster in the intersection.
  • A multitude of traffic signs should not affect the driver’s conduct when approaching an intersection.

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0772. In order to overtake safely, the overtaking driver should:

  • Start overtaking only when the road is clear in a sufficient distance, and verify while overtaking that the road is still clear.
  • Overtake only when a sign permitting overtaking is placed.
  • Overtake in a speed that exceeds speed limit, in order to clear the road way.
  • Always overtake at a slow speed and with patience.
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0774. What is the main risk of approaching an intersection on a wet road?

  • When it rains, there are more pedestrians.
  • On a wet road, the road markings are concealed.
  • The vehicle might skid into the area of the intersection due to the wet road.
  • Vehicles face no risk on a wet road.

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0775. How does pedestrian behavior in the area of the intersection affect drivers?

  • Pedestrians have no significant effect on drivers.
  • The main complication in an intersection is created when pedestrians are crowded on the sidewalk.
  • Driver should anticipate in advance possible dangerous behavior from pedestrians in the area of the intersection.
  • Pedestrians occupy pedestrian crossings for significant time periods, thus causing traffic delays.
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0776. What are the specific risks and problems in crossing intersections?

  • Many and various contact points between the different types of vehicle through the intersection.
  • Crossing the intersections takes a long time; an upsetting fact for drivers.
  • The fact that vehicles approach the intersection from different directions causes no problem. The problem is only with pedestrians.
  • Specific risks and problems are present only in intersections with traffic lights.

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0778. Which of the following sentences is correct, as regards to the behavior of pedestrian near an intersection:

  • When pedestrians are using a pedestrian crossing, they are not obliged to take account of drivers approaching the intersection.
  • Pedestrians are at no risk near an intersection.
  • An intersection is the most dangerous place on the roadway, as drivers take no sufficient note of pedestrians but only of traffic lights.
  • The safest place for pedestrians to cross is the pedestrian crossing next to the intersection, because drivers are obliged to slow down in the area of the intersection.
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0779. What is the first action taken by drivers before crossing an intersection?

  • Checking and identifying the lanes after crossing the intersection, mainly in our direction of driving.
  • Looking beyond the intersection to identify the entry lanes to the opposite directions and the traffic in them
  • Making sure that the intersection is clear and that it can be crossed safely.
  • Entering the intersection.
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